After the war against Corypheus and his forces has ended, the flames of the Inquisition have slowly begun to burn out…

But as is common in the world of Thedas, when one conflict ends, another begins to smolder…

Orlais and Ferelden are peaceful nations once more after having borne the brunt of the war with Corypheus.

Tevinter stands on the edge of an all out civil war and slave uprising. The younger generations of Tevinter citizens long for change, while the old guard still clings to power with a bloody iron fist. The slaves, having grown weary of their servitude, wish to throw off their shackles and bring Tevinter to its knees.

The Circle of Magi has been partially disbanded. The Circle Towers still stand as places of learning and practice, but Mages are no longer bound to be confined within their walls. They have been turned into Universities rather than be kept as prisons.

The Grey Wardens have recalled all of their forces back to the Anderfells, back to Weishaupt Fortress. Nothing has been heard from them since the end of the Inquisition. Some reports even say that Weishaupt is silent now, the area surrounding it as quiet as a graveyard.

Nevarra now begins to rattle its swords, growing bolder against their Orlesian rivals and beginning to test their defenses.

The Dwarves of both Kal-Shirok and Orzammar begins to make advances into the Deep Roads as the death of Corypheus reverberates through the darkspawn hordes in a way never seen before, causing them to fall into disarray and providing the Dwarves with real hope for the first time in generations.

Dragon Age: Embers of the Inquisition

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