Dragon Age: Embers of the Inquisition

A Chance Meeting

17th Cloudreach, 9:42 Dragon

After making way from Rivain, the pirate ship Tygis is battered in a storm while making the long crossing to Ferelden, where they plan to begin raiding along the south coast near Gwaren. The ship is able to limp its way into port at Denerim under an assumed identity for repairs to the sails and hull, letting the crew, including Ilithira and Sol, stretch their legs.

As most people who put into port at Denerim often do, the two women made their way to The Pearl for refreshment and relaxation after their harrowing voyage.

At the same time, Jowan, a young elf mage has made his way out of the Denerim Alienage for the first time. Having heard that the Warden Commander Cousland was in Denerim, Jowan make his way to the Pearl in order to find information on the Warden’s whereabouts. It was many years prior that the Warden Commander tore through the Alienage and saved young Jowan and many other Elves from being sold into slavery, and he plans to simply say thanks to the man that saved his life.

Unfortunately, these peaceful actions are quickly to bloody conflict as a group of thugs barge into the Pearl and begin demanding money owed to them from the owner of the bar. They knocked out the owners wife and begin to make moves towards destroying the place, but Ilithira, Sol and Jowan step in and stop them.



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