Dragon Age: Embers of the Inquisition

Pressing Foreward

The unlikely heroes have awoken after a long night of dealing with the crazed brigands/cultists that were hassling the owner of the Pearl. Out in the streets, the smell of smoke wafts on the air, and people clamor to find out what is going on in the dock are of Denerim.

On the docks, the warehouse with the barrels full of blood has become engulfed by fire, destroying the building and any evidence of the cults activities. Velker stands watch over the flames as other rush to try and put out the flames, including our heroes.

Velker reveals that he has burnt the building down so as to prevent any further blood from being shipped, and has also found a lead that will take him to Gwaren while the heroes makes plans to travel to Kirkwall and follow the ship, Sea Hag, that is transporting the barrels that were loaded the previous night.

Before they could make way, the group was beset upon by corpses and an Ash Wraith, which they dealt with quickly, but not without a little pain.

Their travel upon the Tasker, and ship captained by the Orlesian, Yves Targer, leads them to a quick stop over in Highever, which reveals that the Ferelden Grey Warders have declared themselves as part of the opposition to the Warden Order of the Anderfells.



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