Dragon Age: Embers of the Inquisition

Pressing Foreward

The unlikely heroes have awoken after a long night of dealing with the crazed brigands/cultists that were hassling the owner of the Pearl. Out in the streets, the smell of smoke wafts on the air, and people clamor to find out what is going on in the dock are of Denerim.

On the docks, the warehouse with the barrels full of blood has become engulfed by fire, destroying the building and any evidence of the cults activities. Velker stands watch over the flames as other rush to try and put out the flames, including our heroes.

Velker reveals that he has burnt the building down so as to prevent any further blood from being shipped, and has also found a lead that will take him to Gwaren while the heroes makes plans to travel to Kirkwall and follow the ship, Sea Hag, that is transporting the barrels that were loaded the previous night.

Before they could make way, the group was beset upon by corpses and an Ash Wraith, which they dealt with quickly, but not without a little pain.

Their travel upon the Tasker, and ship captained by the Orlesian, Yves Targer, leads them to a quick stop over in Highever, which reveals that the Ferelden Grey Warders have declared themselves as part of the opposition to the Warden Order of the Anderfells.

Settling Debts

17th Cloudsreach, 9:42 Dragon

After the brawl in the Pearl, Goran, the owner of the establishment, pleads with the three unlikely heroes to help him be rid of his aggressors. He fell into debt with a local contingent of the Coterie when he borrowed money to help keep the Pearl afloat after the siege of Denerim. Only in recent weeks have they begun to act more and more aggressively, asking for more and more exorbitant amounts in re-payment of the loan.

Our three heroes take on the task of locating the local leader, Reed, and either convince him to stop his attacks on the Pearl, or force him to stop his attacks.

After searching the docks for Reeds warehouse for what seems to be an eternity, they finally locate Reed and his group holed up in the Altus Shipping warehouse. There is no talking to be had. No negotiation. Reed and his men begin to attack the three heroes.

After nearly losing Sol, the three regroup and manage to put down the group of thugs, keeping Reed alive for questioning. They also find small tokens on the bodies of his henchmen, bearing this image:


Reeds only response to the questioning is to spit, “May Skarn curse you…” and then utters a foreign phrase, “Notara Car Nocte.” which causes all the tokens to begin to warm up, but it is Reed that suddenly and violently explodes in a shower of gore.

After recovering from this shock, the three begin to search the warehouse for clues, only finding many, many barrels full of blood. Having over heard earlier from a load master on the docks that he was awaiting a shipment from Reed, and also overhearing Reeds men talking about having to load a wagon with disgusting cargo, the three leave the warehouse through the large bay doors to be met with Velker Doral, already studying the direction of the wagon’s travel.

Adding this fourth member, the group hurries to the loadmaster, but find that the ship and it’s odd cargo has already set sail. The only thing the loadmaster can say for sure are two things: the ships name is the Sea Hag; the destination was reportedly Kirkwall.

The group retire back to the Pearl for a much needed rest before deciding on their next course of action. It is here that Velker reveals that he’s seen the tokens before, and that the groups name is the Hand of Skarn.

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A Chance Meeting

17th Cloudreach, 9:42 Dragon

After making way from Rivain, the pirate ship Tygis is battered in a storm while making the long crossing to Ferelden, where they plan to begin raiding along the south coast near Gwaren. The ship is able to limp its way into port at Denerim under an assumed identity for repairs to the sails and hull, letting the crew, including Ilithira and Sol, stretch their legs.

As most people who put into port at Denerim often do, the two women made their way to The Pearl for refreshment and relaxation after their harrowing voyage.

At the same time, Jowan, a young elf mage has made his way out of the Denerim Alienage for the first time. Having heard that the Warden Commander Cousland was in Denerim, Jowan make his way to the Pearl in order to find information on the Warden’s whereabouts. It was many years prior that the Warden Commander tore through the Alienage and saved young Jowan and many other Elves from being sold into slavery, and he plans to simply say thanks to the man that saved his life.

Unfortunately, these peaceful actions are quickly to bloody conflict as a group of thugs barge into the Pearl and begin demanding money owed to them from the owner of the bar. They knocked out the owners wife and begin to make moves towards destroying the place, but Ilithira, Sol and Jowan step in and stop them.


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